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Spend time in God’s Word and hear how He invites you into a life-transforming conversation. Find yourself cultivating gratitude as you focus on God’s promises.


Gain greater clarity through its contemporary language. God speaks to us as a friend with everyday speech and heart-felt love.

Understand how to put His Word into action from its direct, heart-piercing phrasing. Move from hearing God’s Word to acting it out in your life more quickly, with courage and trust.

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Springing Forth from a Pastor's Heart

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Eugene H. Peterson is a pastor, scholar, writer, and poet. After teaching at a seminary and then giving nearly thirty years to church ministry in the Baltimore area, he created THEMESSAGE—a vibrant Bible paraphrase that connects with today’s readers like no other.

It took Peterson a full ten years to complete. He worked from the original Greek and Hebrew texts to guarantee authenticity. At the same time, his ear was always tuned to the cadence and energy of contemporary language. Throughout the process, his mission remained clear: seeing his congregation reading the Bible and drawing people closer to God to understand our creator and redeemer.

Eugene and his wife, Jan, now live in his native Montana. They are the parents of three and the grandparents of six.


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