Record A Spiritual Legacy | Journaling in The Scribe Bible

Take a step closer to Jesus. Highlight your favorite passages. Make notes. Write prayers. These acts of devotion slow you down, draw you in, and reveal what God is speaking to you. Acknowledge God’s power and see His faithfulness.

Journal. Listen. Pray. Remember.

Find healing in writing things down. Every time you open The Scribe Bible, your notes will comfort you and remind you of God’s faithfulness. Hear God’s instruction, and remember all that He has done.

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Create a Family Bible

Strengthen your marriage and family as you mark up The Scribe Bible together. Share with your children the verses that most impact your lives. Develop a deeper relationship with each other by revealing and understanding what is in your hearts and in God’s, for you both and for your family.

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What's Your Legacy?

Write yourself and your Family into God’s story. Create a legacy Bible to share what God has done in your life and draw attention to the lessons you feel are especially important for your family. Impress upon your loved ones the promises of God and what He has done.

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Experience The Scribe Bible

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